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Step 1: Background Checks Step 2: Hunting Down Nouns Step 3: Seeking Adj. Step 4: Finding Verbs Step 5: Putting It All Together



WANTED:  Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives!  What are they?   How are they used properly? 

You've seen them in your textbooks, homework assignments, tests, and newspapers.  They are Nouns,
Verbs, and Adjectives.  They are on the run again!  We need help!  We are in need of a special kind of police force.   You have been recruited to become a Grammar Cop!  We were told that sixth grade students are equipped for this job!  Can you handle it?  If so, keep reading!     

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Job Description:  Your job is to search the city in hopes of capturing Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives!  They have been on the loose for some time now and they are everywhere!  Once you have apprehended the culprits you will have two assignments to complete.  Then you will be asked to write a paragraph about your adventure today.  I know you amazing sixth graders can handle this job.  Never fear; your chief of police is here to help!  


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Step 1 - Background Checks

Some of you may be unfamiliar with these culprits: Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives! Before you can hit the streets you need to do a little research.  All the good cops do! 

Begin your Background Checks

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Step 2- Hunting Down the Nouns

You are now in your car and ready to roam the streets in search of the criminals!  Be very careful where you look.  You may find the information you need to catch them.  Around the first corner you see a bunch of kids.  They are singing a song. 

Begin Your Hunt


Step 3 - Seeking the Adjectives

You are on the search again!  As you roam through the streets you see a dark tunnel.  There's some noise coming from inside.   You decide to investigate.  The noise is music.  As you creep closer you can hear it. 

Begin Seeking Adjectives

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Step 4 - Finding the Verbs

Finally, one more to capture, VERBS.  I hear they are full of action!  This is probably why they are so hard to catch!  Your day has been long, but you can't stop now!  You are driving across a bridge and look down.  A boat is floating below. 
 Its engine seems to be stalled.  As you look closely you see that it's a VERB calling for help!  Wow!  You found them and they have no way to get away!  You jump in the water and swim to the boat.  You ask them if they too will sing a song for you!  They surrender and decide to sing for you! 

Begin Finding Verbs


Step 5- Putting it all together

Put it Together

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Turn in your Grammar Cop worksheet to the chief at the end of the day. 


WOW!  What an excellent Grammar Cop you are!  Perhaps when you are older we can hire you full time!  Now that you have learned a lot about NOUNS, VERBS, and ADJECTIVES, tell all your friends to be on the lookout for them!  And never be afraid to call on Grammar Cops!  We'll be there in a flash!Good job Officers!  You're dismissed!

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Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Resources