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Student - Teacher Groupings


Where feasible and without disrupting the educational experience, students will be required to practice social distancing:

  1. In classroom spaces that allow it, student desks will be placed a minimum of six feet apart.
  2. In classrooms where students are regularly within six feet of one another or space does not allow for desks/tables to be moved, schools will plan for more frequent hand washing.
  3. When possible, teachers will eliminate communal supplies.  Each student will have dedicated books, pencils, scissors, etc.  Shared supplies will be sanitized between users.
  4. Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes will follow industry-based safety guidelines as appropriate to the equipment and course content.
  5. Special education classrooms and service locations may have additional protective barriers in place to support a safe environment for our students.
  6. Whenever possible, physical education classes will be held outside to allow for maximum physical distance between students.

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