Identification of GT Students

  • Bridgeport ISD implements identification procedures designed to ensure that all students from all populations in the district have access to referral, assessment, and if identified, services provided by the gifted program.

    Referral Process

    Bridgeport ISD conducts GT assessments in the second semester of each school year. A parent, teacher, campus counselor, or community member may initiate the assessment process for a student. Spring requests must be submitted during the referral window.

    With parent permission, referred students will complete the assessment process. The assessment documents will be reviewed by the Campus Selection Committee. After this review, the parents will be notified of the committee findings by mail.

    Transfer Students

    Transfer students who have previously participated in a gifted and talented program will be assessed and considered for placement in the Bridgeport ISD program. GT records from the previous district will be requested. Further assessment may not be necessary if the prior district can provide results from approved assessments.