• Student and Staff ID Badge Guidelines
    As part of our school district’s continuing efforts to provide a safe learning environment, all employees, students in grades 3-12, substitutes, and long-term approved contractors are required to wear a Bridgeport ISD badge while in a district building or while visiting a Bridgeport ISD facility. All visitors should wear the visitor sticker generated by SchoolPass. Bridgeport ISD furnishes each student and staff member with an ID badge. This badge should have name, location, picture, and barcode for use in the library, the cafeteria, SchoolPass check in, admittance to functions, laptop repair and other applicable programs, as well as for security purposes. 

    Printing Replacement Badges
    Having a large number of duplicate student ID badges poses a security concern. In addition, a supply chain shortage of badge cards and printer ribbon exists across the area. We ask that rather than reprinting lost or misplaced badges, students who report a missing badge obtain a temporary SchoolPass pass printed at the front office. Only after the student reports that he/she has lost a badge (as opposed to forgetting the badge at home) should a replacement badge be printed. To discourage the misplacement of student badges, we recommend that all campuses remind students of the badge requirements and charge a minimum of $5 per replacement badge, particularly to students who frequently report a lost badge. 

    Guiding Practices for Bridgeport ISD: 

    The Technology Department will provide the following for each campus: 

    ● One Badge Printer 

    ● Supplies for each student to receive one badge (free of charge) ● Digital badge templates for students, teachers, guest educators, volunteers, contract workers and school board members. 

    Employees will be expected to wear their new ID badge on the first day they report to work. 


    Badges should be current and should be worn at all times in a visible place. Photo side of the ID should be visible. 

    Any replacement badges will incur a minimum cost of $5.00 at the time of printing. All students are expected to wear their badge at all times. 

    Lanyards may be supplied by the campus. An additional replacement fee may be charged for a lanyard.

    The badge may not be changed or altered in any way. Altered and/or defaced badges should be replaced with the student incurring the cost of the replacement badge. 

    The use of badges speeds up the workflow in the cafeteria and library. Therefore, the practice of wearing a badge by students should be followed at all times. 

    When students withdraw from a campus, their badge should be collected. If the student is transferring to another Bridgeport campus, a new badge will be provided. 

    Guiding Practices for Badge Operations
    Badge supplies are furnished by the district. The Technology Department provides 1.5X the quantity per student enrollment without charge to the campus. For example, if your campus has 500 students, we will send you 750 badge cards and ribbons for printing 750 badges. Additional supplies beyond the 1.5x enrollment allotment are paid for by the campus through replacement badge fees collected or other monies as determined by the campus. 

    Badge supplies (badges, clips, and printer ribbons) can be reordered by contacting the Technology Department. 

    The badge equipment is serviced by Precision Business Machines. At the district level, you may also contact the Technology Department for front line help, troubleshooting, and other questions concerning equipment and operations.