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Advanced Math Pathway

Our Approach

Bridgeport ISD believes that all students can learn at higher levels. It is also our belief that learning is unique for every student and occurs when learning is relevant, authentic and challenging.

The Bridgeport ISD Advanced Math Pathways program will challenge students throughout their educational careers and prepare them for the future.

Students in the Advanced Math Pathway accelerate out of Math 5 and are transported to the middle school to attend Math 6 Honors as 5th grade students. They are 6th grade students for math and 5th grade students for the rest of their classes. As a 6th grade student, they attend Math 7 Honors with 7th grade students. They take Algebra I Honors in 7th grade and Geometry Honors in 8th grade. Students take the STAAR/EOC (End of Course) exams based on the course they are enrolled in and are subject to secondary grading guidelines. Algebra I Honors and Geometry Honors are used to calculate their high school grade point average (GPA) that is used to determine class rank.

Frequently Asked Questions