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Curriculum & Instruction

Who We Are

Bridgeport ISD's Curriculum and Instruction Department is dedicated to providing educational excellence through professional growth and support for all instructional staff members. We work alongside teachers as they create a guaranteed and viable curriculum and promote high accountability standards designed to inspire and nurture students to become successful, independent thinkers with a passion for lifelong learning.

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2024-25 BHS Guide

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Dual Credit Programs

Bridgeport ISD’s Dual Credit Program, offered through Weatherford College, University of Texas and Angelo State University, is a way for students to earn college credit while in high school. Weatherford College and UT classes are offered in-person, while Angelo State University classes are offered online. 

These programs are offered free of charge to Bridgeport ISD students.

Students participating in the Dual Credit Program will take college-level courses taught by fully credentialed faculty. These courses satisfy both high school graduation requirements and provide college credit at the same time. 

In-person Dual Credit options through Weatherford College:

  • US History
  • Welding:
    • Ag Mechanics
    • Ag Structures
    • Ag Equipment
  • Horticulture

One grade will be given for both the high school class and the college course.

Online Dual Credit options through Angelo State University:

  • Government -Poly 2305
  • Economics -Econ 2301
  • English - Engl 1302/1302
  • Physics- Phys 1301/1102
  • College Algebra- Math 1314
  • Astronomy - Phys 1303/1304
  • Intro to Art/ Music - Arts 1301/ Music 1306

*additional classes upon approval 

One grade will be given for both the high school class and the college course.

The OnRamps program provides students the opportunity to engage in UT coursework and to earn UT credit. This course will satisfy a high school graduation requirement and college credit at the same time. The student receives two grades for the course, one for Bridgeport HS and one for the UT college course:

  • College Algebra I (through UT using the OnRamps Program)

Bridgeport ISD’s Dual Enrollment program provides opportunities for high school students to earn both college and high school credit. If your student is interested in Bridgeport HS dual credit program, contact your school counselor for dual enrollment program qualifications.


Bridgeport ISD and Angelo State University MOU

Bridgeport ISD and Weatherford College MOU

Bridgeport ISD and UT OnRamps MOU

Contact Information

2107 15th St.
Bridgeport, TX 76426

Yesenia McCleskey

Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Yesenia McCleskey

Angela Hagar

Assessment Coordinator & Secondary ESL
Angela Hagar

Tamora Vorheis

Math/Science Coordinator
Tamora Vorheis

Tenille Shade

Reading Language Arts/Social Studies Coordinator
Tenille Shade

Advanced Academics Coordinator
Paula Fippinger

RLA Instructional Coach K-5
Megan Smith

Math Instructional Coach K-5
Amber Williams