Red Ribbon Week :: Oct 23 - 27

Red Ribbon Week

Bridgeport Elementary

Monday, Oct 23 Dress like a pirate We ARRGH Ready to be Healthy
Tuesday, Oct 24 Wear Crazy Hair and/or Crazy Socks Crazy About Being Healthy
Wednesday, Oct 25 Wear Pajamas Healthy Habits Means Plenty of Rest
Thursday, Oct 26 Wear Sunglasses Healthy Habits Lead to a BRIGHT Future
Friday, Oct 27 Wear your favorite team sports shirt and/or hat Sporting Healthy Habits

Bridgeport Intermediate

Monday, Oct 23 Wear Pajamas
The Key to Staying Drug Free is to Stay Healthy and Well Rested
Tuesday, Oct 24 Crazy Hair Day
Use Your Head! That's the Key to be Drug Free!
Wednesday, Oct 25 Dress as your favorite Book Character
Monster Dash
3rd Gr: 9:30
4th Gr: 10:15
5th Gr: 11:00
Thursday, Oct 26 Wear Sunglasses
The Key to Success is to Shade the Drugs Away!
Friday, Oct 27 Wear Red
The Key to Winning is Success in Red

Bridgeport Middle

Monday, Oct 23 Wear your favorite team gear Team up against Drugs!
Tuesday, Oct 24 Western Wear Texans give drugs the boot
Wednesday, Oct 25 Twins / Multiples Day Friends don't let friends do drugs!
Thursday, Oct 26 Wear Camo Don't make yourself a target. Say no to drugs!
Friday, Oct 27 Wear Red Pledge to be DRUG FREE!

Bridgeport High 

Monday, Oct 23 That 70s Day Peace Out to Drugs
Tuesday, Oct 24 Twins Day Dynamic Duos Don't Do Drugs
Wednesday, Oct 25 Crazy Sock Day Sock it to Drugs
Thursday, Oct 26 Wear Red Red Day Out
Friday, Oct 27 Hawaiian Day Lei Off Drugs