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About us

About Bridgeport ISD
Bridgeport Independent School district is comprised of 4 schools serving 2,200 students.
Our Mission
An empowering district working together to make success a reality.
Our Vision
Bridgeport ISD is committed to preparing students to use technology to problem-solve, think creatively, communicate, and work with others in order to become successful students and productive citizens.
Our Motto
Pride in Performance
Our Core Beliefs
  • High expectations yield higher results for all learners
  • Everyone is a uniquely talented learner and contributor
  • Data driven decisions are necessary for effective learning
  • Our students deserve a highly qualified & well-trained staff
  • Education must be a shared partnership with the community
  • A safe, nurturing, and flexible environment is critical to success
  • Student centered learning is a priority & the basis for all decisions
  • Technology's potential must be embraced and focused on learning
  • Lifelong learners will produce educated citizens for a prosperous society
  • Organizational transformation is necessary to equip 21st century learners
  • Effective communication & collaboration builds trust among all stakeholders
  • Assessment of learning is multi-faceted & learner-centered, & values mastery
  • Student work is engaging, meaningful, relevant, and focused on profound learning standards that are essential for student success in a global society.
Strategic Goals

Goal 1
Bridgeport ISD will focus on student success
Goal 2
Bridgeport ISD will focus on organizational excellence
Goal 3
Bridgeport ISD will focus on student, family, and community relations
Goal 4
Bridgeport ISD will focus on accountability
Goal 5
Bridgeport ISD will focus on 21st Century learning