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Bilingual/ESL Program

Dual Language Program Benefits of the Gomez & Gomez Model
  • Pairing students increases language development as they work together to complete assignments and projects
  • Increased opportunities to engage in content conversations to defend, clarify, extend, and explain concepts in the language of instruction
  • Language of instruction challenges students to learn from one another and work together to construct meaningful knowledge
  • Paired groups clarify meaning for one another when the content is taught in the second language
  • Language of instruction challenges students to retain the information through discussions and teaching, and modeling for each other
  • Program goals is for students to become biliterate and bilingual in English and Spanish

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ESL Program
ESL Program Benefits
  • Uses the academic and cultural background of the student as a platform to provide the appropriate instruction in English
  • ESL instruction shall be commensurate with the student's level of English proficiency and academic achievement
  • ESL is intensive English language instruction by teachers trained in effective language acquisition strategies who work with English Language Learners
  • An ESL program provides intensive instruction that develops competency in the listening, speaking, reading, and writing of the English language
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