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Buster the Bus

Buster & His 'Momma'
Buster's Safety Team
It is important that children learn school bus safety rules and procedures to keep them safe. Our Transportation Department uses "Buster the Bus" to teach and reinforce bus safety. Buster is a remote-controlled school bus that sings, talks, listens, and plays music. His presentation uses physical participation and verbalization of the rules and procedures to help students remember. The program is designed for students in the Elementary and  Intermediate school  grade levels and covers the do's and don'ts of:
  • Waiting for the bus
  • Crossing in front of the bus
  • Getting off and on the bus
  • Riding the bus
  • The danger zone around the bus 
If you drop something near the bus never go after  it yourself. Tell the bus driver.
Stop  and look at  the bus driver. The bus driver will give you a signal that it is safe for you to cross.
Remember to be very, very, quiet when the bus stops at the railroad tracks. Not only does the bus driver need to look for a train, they need to be able to hear if a train is coming.