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What if my child wants to get off at friend's house?

Students who want  to get off the bus at another students bus stop or who will need to ride another bus must have a note from parent/guardian for permission. A school official must authorize this note with a signature. This note will then need to be presented to the bus driver.
*Due to over-crowding some bus routes can only allow students who live on the route to ride.

What if  I need my child to get off the bus at a different location  and this may occur a couple of times each week?
If your child is allowed to get off the bus at another location on the route, or at a school campus other than their own, this information should be added to the Student Bus Information Form.
All students are given this form by their bus driver at the beginning of the school  and throughout the year for new bus students.

What if a situation comes up at the last minute and I need my child to ride a different bus,etc?
We understand that things come up and a note was not sent. In this case you will need to call the school campus as well as the Transportation Dept. and let them know  the information.