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CTE Advisory Committee

Bridgeport Career & Technical Education Advisory Committee
BISD Administrator Position
Jaime Sturdivant BHS Principal
Darlene Thweat BHS Counselor
Travis Whisenant
BMS Principal
Patricia Hernandez
BISD Special Programs Director
Lori Hancock
CTE Coordinator
CTE Advisory Committee Chairperson
Member Title Term Expiration
TBD Business Representative 2018-19
Lori Hancock
CTE Secretary
Dalton Huya Student 2019-20
Sugeiry Martinez Ruvalcaba Student 2018-19
Katie Whatley Business Representative
  Business Representative  
Connie Rye Community Representative 2019-20
Kyle Tyson CTE Teacher Representative 2018-19
Aimee Burtnett Parent Representative 2018-19
  Business Representative  
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What is a CTE Advisory Committee?
A Program advisory committee is a representative group of individuals whose experience and abilities represent a cross section of a particular occupational area. The primary purpose of the local program advisory committee is to assist educators in establishing, operating, and evaluating programs which serve the needs of students, business and industry, and to provide expertise pertaining to technological change.
Why are CTE Advisory Committees Needed?
Committees are needed:
• To provide an opportunity for discussion among people in education, business and industry
• To focus on how to improve Career and Technical Education (CTE) and make the most of the community resources that are available
•To strive to improve the relationships between CTE, business and industry
•  To provide expertise to the program by reviewing curriculum, facilities, budget, student competencies, and student placement in related occupations. 
• Local schools and institutions that operate CTE programs receive state and federal funds, and are required by the Career and Technical Act to establish and operate Program Advisory Committees
• Each CTE Program Advisory committee is required to meet a minimum of two times per year