School Safety

  • Bridgeport ISD is committed to the safety of all of our students and staff. 


    School Resource Officers & Building Security Measures

    In addition to having trained School Resource Officers, Bridgeport ISD utilizes surveillance cameras, perimeter fencing, access control door locks, entry-resistant window film, and secure vestibules.   

    Student and Staff ID Badge Guidelines

    All Bridgeport ISD employees, students in grades 3-12, substitutes, and long-term approved contractors are required to wear a BISD badge while in a district building or while visiting a Bridgeport ISD facility. All visitors should wear the visitor sticker generated by Raptor Visitor Management System. Bridgeport ISD furnishes each student and staff member with an ID badge. This badge should have name, location, picture, and barcode for use in the library, the cafeteria, Raptor Visitor Management System check in, admittance to functions, laptop repair and other applicable programs, as well as uses for security purposes. 

    Standard Safety Protocols

    Like many districts across Texas and the United States, Bridgeport ISD utilizes the I Love You Guys Foundation Standard Response Protocols (SRP) for emergency response. The "I Love You Guys" Foundation Standard Response Protocol offers a proven and effective approach to emergency preparedness and response, empowering both students and staff to be proactive in ensuring their safety. 

    Safety Drills & Training

    Understanding the different Standard Response Protocol actions is important for BISD students, staff and parents so that we are all using the same language and know individual roles in these situations. Drills for each of these actions are frequently held on campus to help train students and staff.

  • Hold

  • Secure

  • Lockdown

  • Evacuate

  • Shelter

  • Communication During A School Emergency

    When an emergency occurs, Bridgeport school officials will first prioritize the safety of students and staff by assessing the situation and implementing the appropriate Standard Response Protocol. BISD works collaboratively with city and county law enforcement and first responders. Once the situation is secure, the district will make every effort to communicate quickly and efficiently with the families of students most impacted by the emergency. The district shares email and emergency text and phone messages through a mass notification system. Parents/families should make sure their emergency contact information is up-to-date in the Ascender Parent Portal.

    Inclement Weather Announcements

    Bridgeport ISD will announce any change in the school schedule on our website, social media pages, and via text message, phone call and email. Parents/families should make sure their emergency contact information is up-to-date in the Ascender Parent Portal.