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Class of 2024 Spotlight: Valedictorian Emma Miles and Salutatorian Salem Hurtado

Another class of seniors have successfully graduated from Bridgeport High School. On Wednesday, May 29, friends and family gathered at the University of North Texas to honor the Class of 2024 as they walked across the stage and received their diplomas, a culmination of their hard work, dedication and passion for learning. Among this talented group of 145 graduates were Emma Miles and Salem Hurtado, this year’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian. 

Both Salem and Emma received their entire education in Bridgeport ISD, spending kindergarten through senior year as Bridgeport Bulls. 

Let’s get to know Emma and Salem, the Class of 2024’s highest academic ranking students. 

Emma Miles, Valedictorian 

Emma Miles finished her high school career as the first in her class, graduating as the Valedictorian of the Class of 2024. During her time at Bridgeport High School, Emma has been very active, participating  in the BHS track, volleyball and basketball teams, as well as competing in UIL. Additionally, she was a part of the FFA program, served on the Student Council and the prom committee.

Looking back on her education at BHS, Emma’s favorite teacher was Dr. Candace Warren, lead Science teacher, because of her ability to make sure the students understand and her deep care for them. Emma’s favorite subject to study in school was biology because “I find everything about it fascinating.” Emma’s favorite memory from her time in Bridgeport ISD was going to watch the district-wide pep rallies that were held at the middle school.

In the fall, Emma will be attending Texas A&M University in College Station to study Biomedical Science. When asked about what she hopes to be doing in 10 years, Emma’s wish is to have a career that she is passionate about. 

When asked if she had advice for incoming freshmen she recommended being open to trying a variety of different things. 

“Take your freshman year trying everything and figure out what you like and then in the next three years try your hardest to be the best at what you decide to stay with,” said Emma. “It will make high school much more memorable.”

Salem Hurtado, Salutatorian

Salem Hurtado graduated as the Class of 2024 Salutatorian, finishing the year as an impressive second in his entire class. For the majority of his high school career, Salem was active in the BHS Student Council and the eSports program where he grew his leadership and collaboration skills. 

When he looks back at his time in Bridgeport ISD, some of his favorite memories include the fun eSports competition days, as well as great memories at his junior and senior prom. When asked who his favorite teacher was these last few years, Salem immediately responded with math teacher Mr. Joey Reyes. “He connects with students in ways I've never seen before, and is always very forgiving and ready to give second chances for those willing to take responsibility,” said Salem. 

Salem has a variety of interests but says his favorite subjects to study were A/V production, noting how enjoyable it was to make movies and learn about the entertainment industry and the process of creating films. When asked about his future plans, Salem shared that within the next 10 years he hopes to be running a small animation studio.

Now that he is an official graduate, Salem will take some time to celebrate his achievements in high school and plans to take a gap year and then continue his education at the University of North Texas, where he hopes to major in Business Integrated Studies, with a minor in political science and accounting.

For the incoming freshmen at Bridgeport High School, Salem offers some advice. “Take your grades a little more seriously,” said Salem “But don't stress too much about them. Enjoy this time, and these moments.”

Congratulations to Emma, Salem, and the entire Class of 2024 for achieving this important milestone!