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Bridgeport Students Win Big at TAFE National Competition

A group of Bridgeport ISD students traveled to Washington D.C. for the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) National Competition at the end of June. The team competed extremely well and made Bridgeport ISD proud with their multiple accolades, including one team placing first at the national level. 

Bristyn Miller, Jocelyn Cano and Isabella Ruano placed  first in the Ethical Dilemma at the varsity level. The team was responsible for analyzing and arguing a stance on a hypothetical ethical dilemma involving communications between a student and a teacher. 

“All of the staff sponsors and parents are so proud of these students” said Clint Smith, staff/parent sponsor of the team. “They worked so hard in their preparation for this competition, and all of their hard work paid off.” The students were led in their preparation by staff sponsor Lori Hancock. 

Savannah Whisenant was named a semi-finalist for Exploring Careers in Administration at the varsity level and Jadyn McCoy (varsity), Bailey Kinard (junior varsity), and Bailey Smith (junior varsity) were excellent in their competitions in the Children’s Literature for Pre-K event. 

Congratulations to these students for this incredible honor!