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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Joey Reyes

Bridgeport High School's teacher spotlight for Hispanic Heritage month is Joey Reyes. Mr. Reyes grew up in Bridgeport and graduated as the valedictorian. He was involved in many organizations and teams such as State competitor and champion all four years in various UIL math events, President of NHS, and National Merit Scholar.

After he graduated from BHS he went on to become a first generation “American” college graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. He graduated with a bachelor's of science degree in petroleum engineering. He pursued a career in engineering before making his way back to BHS.

Mr. Reyes has been with BISD for seven years and in that time has been head of the math department for three years. He has taught almost every math course that we offer which includes Algebra I and II, Geometry, Math Models, On Ramps College Algebra, Calculus, Pre-Calculus and, as of this year, Physics. He doesn't just limit himself to the classroom he is also the UIL coordinator and the sponsor of the Esports gaming club.

Mr. Reyes and his mother, Mrs. Reyes tried out for Family Feud a couple years ago and won the first round. Mrs. Reyes is currently a part of the BHS office staff. She graduated from college in Mexico and is bilingual. Mr. Reyes said that he is proud to have been brought up in an environment that encouraged diligence, resilience, and faith. “I'm most proud of the familial bonds that my heritage emphasizes. Growing up so far away from both sides of my family tree really made me treasure the one or two times during the year that we did have together. I believe Mexican culture has a unique strength in that family dynamic,” says Mr. Reyes.

Bridgeport Independent School District is grateful for all the ways that Mr. Reyes has contributed to the community of Bridgeport, Texas. Thank you for all your hard work! 

Written by: Joey Moya, BHS Senior & Yearbook Editor