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Board of Trustees Approve Air Disinfection Systems for Every BISD Classroom and Office

At the Oct. 17 Board Meeting, Bridgeport ISD Board of Trustees approved the implementation of ProtectEd NanoStrike(™) air disinfection devices in all classrooms on each campus. These systems will improve air quality and provide a safer learning environment for BISD students and staff. 

Along with improving the air quality for overall student health, district officials believe these systems will help support Bridgeport ISD’s goal of increased student attendance this school year. After average daily student attendance dipped to 93 percent last school year, the district has made a concerted effort to reach a district wide average attendance rate of 95.7 percent by the end of the school year. 

“The investment in air disinfection systems is an investment on the overall health and well being of all students and staff, in every building and every classroom,” said PJ Giamanco, Assistant Superintendent of Bridgeport ISD. 

Allergies, common cold, and other non-communicable and communicable diseases can prevent students from feeling well throughout the academic year and may impact attendance. Currently, BISD’s student attendance rate is just below 95 percent. Research also shows clean indoor air improves cognitive function and encourages sharper thinking. In fact, studies show there is a direct coalition with test scores. The cleaner the air, the better students perform on tests.

Twenty-four districts in the state of Texas have already implemented these purification systems, and data is showing an increase in daily student attendance as a result. The NanoStrike™ systems are portable, wall-mountable and whisper-quiet. 

 “The health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priority,” said Superintendent Dr. Amy Ellis. “We are not only focused on student's physical safety, but focused on providing the healthiest learning environment possible so that we can decrease the amount of air borne viruses. We want to thank the BISD Board of Trustees for understanding how important student health is in our schools and for approving this purchase.”

The installation of the air filtration systems has already begun, starting with the elementary school first. All units are scheduled to be installed by Friday, Nov. 18.