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Bridgeport High School Students Participate in Police Interaction Assembly

All students at Bridgeport High School recently participated in a Police Interaction Assembly, where they learned about appropriate interactions with police officers. 

Over the course of four days, each grade level at BHS attended the Police Interaction Assembly during WIN time. Students watched an informative video, were introduced to the new BHS School Resource Officer, Officer Whitley, and had the opportunity to get their questions answered. The assembly was conducted by school counselor Jo-Ann Blasko, who introduced Officer Whitley to the students, and then Officer Whitley had the opportunity to speak to the students directly on the subject of police interaction. Students learned more about how to appropriately interact with police officers, both on campus and also outside of school in the community. The assembly concluded with a Q&A portion, where students had the opportunity to dialogue directly with Officer Whitley and get their specific questions on the subject answered. 

Police Interaction Assembly

“This police interaction class offers invaluable benefits for students by fostering a mutual understanding and positive relationship between our students and law enforcement,” said Bridgeport High School Principal Andrew Hohman. “It also provides Bridgeport High School students with a valuable platform to learn about their rights, responsibilities and the law enforcement process with open communication with our SRO.”

This assembly will continue annually at the start of the school year for all Bridgeport High School students.